Road Trips

  • Clio 172 Sport
  • 24 Mar
  • 958 miles

Nurburgring in 24hrs*

So one day while at work the discussion got on wether it would be possible to drive to the Nurburgring do one laptop of the track and get home in the same day... Challenge set.. the aim was to start as early as possible so making sure I arrived in Calais so I would get good timings. I left home about 635am and headed towards Kent to make sure I arrived at the Eurotunnel for 10am knowing that i would have a good 5 hrs drive once on french soil.  I headed onto the A16  straight from France towards Brussels & Brugge onto the E40 the roads were pretty clear. Skimming the top of Brussels, the clio burbled along as we entered the german border. The final stretch was on the 61 getting to last 49kms to Nurburgring!  The timing was spot on.. I arrived they were just opening the track to the public and it would be open for about an hour. I parked up in the main carpark and walked over to get mytrack ticket, I had no idea if i was going to complete a lap or not as i was already pretty i sat about in the carpark watching the various motors appearing...then notice it was getting close to cut off time for last go on the track for the day, so i walked over paid my ticket and got back into the clio.... I wouldnt consider myself any sort of track expert... but i had read all the warnings... and knew i had to be careful as I still had the trip home to complete.   
I was already driving into the pitlane and about to get started when I remembered I hadnt fitted the GoPro to the windscreen, I did so rather rushed but ended up filming the whole lap wioth the camera upside down!. And that was it I was on track and slowly started to embrace the track, I allowed most drivers in porsches to overtake, and got use to the first few bends, before I started to relax. One of the first things you start to realise is its a big track!..there are some great bends... the clio remained on all four wheels just... in the back of my mind i kept thinging.. dont bin it, dont bin it! knowing I had a good 7 hrs to drive home... before I knew it the lap was over... i had run the las straight flat out... and then the track was closed again to the public.I collected the official Nurburgring sticker and proudly slapped it on the back to the clio.    I started to head home... it began snowing...and temperatures hit -2.. I had 5 hours to get back the Channel Tunnel!.   
The journey back home was in the dark I got to the Eurotunnel checkin about 5 mins to midnight...My train came in at 1:22am in the morning.. so i had quite a wait... but the perfect time to catch up with some sleep before I arrived back on UK soil to head home.  A few days later I found out that there are always professional photographers at the Nurburgring... so i spent 30mins online searching and found I could buy stills taken of me driving the track for a few Euros....

Order placed.... Challenge Completed.